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Website Development

In this modern day and age it is no longer necessary for someone to have to learn computer coding in order to build or develop their own website. The reason for this is that there are now tools that can assist you and these tools can assist you by allowing you to specify what you want in plain text and they code your request for you. This has enabled 60% of website owners to build their websites with no trouble and yet build them to a standard which is as good as a professional website owner, using codes, could create. The most important page on any website is the home page as that is the page which is first seen and so the one which will give any visitor their first impression. The development tools know this and so have many features on offer in order for you to make a very professional looking website.

All the information you want to place on your website will not all fit on your home page and so you will want to have clear and easily marked links to the other pages and so a developer will allow you to easily make a site map. Although not having all the information on it, the home page should be able to allow someone to easily see all that the website has to offer. Most developers will even allow you to place an image button on your home page as with that a visitor can see all the images on the website at the click of a button without having to keep changing pages and if they see an image they would like to learn more about, perhaps the recipe for an image of a certain dish, the site map will allow them to quickly visit the relevant page for that recipe. Obviously a developer will cost you money but very little and besides you can find promotions for at least some of them at so it will cost you less. The other thing that you will have to pay for before your website can go live on the internet is for host that connects the website to the internet. There are several hosts available at differing prices but once again most of them do not cost much and you may well find promotions for one of them as well, saving you even more.

Once you are live on the internet, the number of visitors your site gets will very much depend on the domain name you chose and if you asked and paid the host for SEO assistance but the number of return visitors your site gets will certainly depend on the quality of the site, on how interesting it is and how often it is updated. It is always best to have high quality images and articles on your site to start with and to never drop that high standard regardless of how often you would like to update the site.