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For years now anyone writing on a computer has used word and has found it very useful however today, there is software which is even better, especially if you are a professional writer or write regularly. Although word is useful and has helped many people, it has perhaps been of greatest use to those occasional writers more than it has to a professional writer which was fine as it was not designed to specifically assist professional writers, it was designed to help anyone to write.

Now however there is the Scrivener software available and this is software which has been specifically designed to help writers although it can still assist non-writers as well. If you compare services of word and scrivener you will see that although they are both software with writing in mind, there are many differences between them. As the scrivener software is specifically designed for writers, it makes it easy for a writer to save different aspects of a book in progress in easy to find folders, with folders specially designed to have information on the different characters in the book so that a budding author can quickly and easily remind themselves of what or how they had previously described a character, making or ensuring that the character stays in character without any deviations.

Of course this could have been set up in some way using word but to do that setting up each time would take time, time that is wasted when elements of a story are fresh in the writer’s mind. With scrivener the folders are ready for easy use and so no time is wasted and new characters can be quickly and easily added as necessary. The software can also format any writing in preparation for submitting a book to a publisher, once again saving a lot of time and effort.

The software does not just assist with book writing though; it can assist in most writing projects, saving a writer valuable time and effort. The software does of course have a price but that price is very reasonable considering how easy it makes writing and of course, the more writing you do, the more useful and cost effective the software becomes.

You can however make savings on the cost of Scrivener as there are promotion coupons available which can save you as much as 50% of the usual price and so becomes twice as cost effective. One of the hardest things with writing is the organization of the ongoing work.

A writer is often a natural at the actual writing and so in many cases that aspect of the work is reasonably easy to them however, it is often the organization of that work, especially for presentation which is the problem or at least could be.

By using Scrivener though a writer can concentrate on the writing and leave the organizational aspect of the project to the software. Scrivener has been designed to assist writers in most types of writing projects and so will be of constant use to them.